We are a team of engineers and developers passionate about Slot Car Racing and high technologies.

We imagine and manufacture innovative products thanks to our technological and industrial expertise as well as our experience in Slot Car Racing.

Intuitive, ergonomic tools adapted to racing conditions, Slot Car Technology® products aim to facilitate the preparation of your cars and handles as well as to monitor and analyze your racing performance in real time.


We have chosen and implemented our development methods and the organization of our production with the objective of reducing the environmental impact of our activities and promoting a European location.

Our boxes are made of PLA, made from vegetable and recyclable material, and entirely made in France. Our electronic cards are manufactured and assembled in Portugal.

All Slot Car Technology® products are assembled and tested in France.


Fabien HUE is technical director, he takes care of the mechanical, electronic and software design of the products. Fabien has been playing the slot car for about 15 years.

Christophe SAPIN is the co-founder of Slot Car Technology, he imagines the range of products, their functions and their ergonomics. Christophe has been playing the slot car for almost 20 years and he chaired the Tasberg club in Friborg in Switzerland for almost 10 years.

Delphine JACQUEL is our production operator, she is in charge of the mechanical assembly of the products, their programming and their quality control, as well as the packaging of the finished products.